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City view
Developed infrastructure
Mortgage 2.5%
Mortgage 2.5%

1 bedroom apartment 5 minutes from Benidorm

Costa Blanca


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Lot number CBN-HABITAT-С


Total area62 m2
Number of rooms2
Number of bedrooms1
Number of bathrooms1
Building endready
To sea3000 m.

Selling price

€ 109 000

€ 1 7582
The cost of the object excluding taxes
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Apartment for sale in La Nucia town It has one bedroom, one bathroom, living room, separate kitchen, fully furnished and equipped with appliances, it also has air conditioning,

It is located close to all services, 5 minutes from Benidorm and the beaches.

Airport 30 minutes

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Description of the location

Benidorm is a metropolis located in the province of Alicante.

It is believed that this city is the most infrastructural in Spain. The population of the city is about 70 thousand officially registered residents, during the holiday season a large number of tourists come from all over the world, so this amount grows significantly.

Let's see why Benidorm attracts so many people every year to buy property, vacation, temporary or permanent residence.

The answer is simple - the city, in truth, is beautiful.

It is divided into 2 parts: the old town is represented by small houses, old untouched buildings, with architecture of the 80s - 90s and narrow streets. The new city is a masterpiece with large skyscrapers, modern large supermarkets and shopping centers, elite bars, restaurants, and Benidorm is also famous for its nightlife establishments, as it has more than 160 discos (karaoke, pubs, cabarets, disco bars, nightclubs, etc.).

The nightlife of Benidorm is a separate world.

The most popular are: "KM Disco and Dance Club", "KU Disco", "Penelope Disco". The prestige of these establishments lies in the scale of various festivals held here constantly, with the participation of popular stars from all over the world. Their zones are represented by swimming pools, "chill-out" zones in luxurious two or three-story buildings. Noisy foam parties, theme nights, live and alternative music intertwined with color accompaniment give birth to something similar to a mini Las Vegas - a city of nightlife, fun and gloss.

European notes filled modern Benidorm.

This can be seen in the name of the streets: "Moscow", "London", "Malta", "Amsterdam", etc.

The largest sandy beach in the city is Poniente. Its length is 6 km, it is divided into 3 zones. The eastern zone is a beautiful tennis park "Elche" with fountains and green gardens. This beach has a very developed infrastructure, excellent service, cleanliness, medical facilities. That is why he was awarded the title of "Blue Flag". The most prestigious hotels, the best restaurants are built along the coastline of the beach, which are popular due to stunning panoramic views, mountain landscapes against the backdrop of skyscrapers. Hotels have dazzling views from the window, close proximity to the sea (as a rule, almost all hotels are located on the first line by the sea), you need to book a hotel at least 2-3 months in advance, and in the summer season even half a year.

The local cuisine is typical, as in other southern areas of the Costa Blanca. Traditional breakfast - fried bread with salted grated tomato and freshly squeezed orange juice, second breakfast - tapas. But the most important gastronomic dish is paella. Every October, Benidorm hosts the paella festival, where paella is cooked with different ingredients in huge pans, and then there is a big tasting for everyone.

Benidorm is just dotted with buildings and attractions that are definitely worth a visit.

The place is incredibly attractive - the Grand Bali Hotel is considered the tallest building in Europe, its length reaches 210 meters, includes 46 floors. On the 45th floor there is an observation deck that offers a view of the whole of Benidorm, bays and bays, and if you look closely, you can see even more distant corners.

"Palace of Benidorm" - a music hall, which constantly hosts shows and large-scale events with wonderful dinners.

"Torre - Moralem - Escaletes" - the ruins of an observation tower of the XlV century, for lovers of historical monuments of architecture. And also, for adherents of historical architectural structures, you can visit: "The Church of St. Jaime and St. Anne." This is the main Catholic church, which is located on the Kanfali hill, a cross that seems to protect the whole city from adversity, towering over it.


And also, lovers of active entertainment will be able to find many places for themselves: amusement parks, water parks, etc.

The most popular places for active family holidays or holidays with children: Terra Natura - a safari park, “Terra Mitica” - an amusement park that will open the world of ancient civilizations to you, “Aqua Natura” - a zoo combined with a water park, “Mundomar” - a dolphinarium , "Aqualandia" - is considered one of the largest water parks in Spain.


Benidorm is the city of the sun with the most moderate and attractive climate on the coast, so every year the influx of tourists and those wishing to buy real estate in the city increases threefold.

The city is protected by mountains from almost all sides, so there are almost never strong winds here, on the contrary, only a light coastal breeze smooths out the summer heat well. In summer, the temperature varies from + 14 to +30 degrees Celsius, in winter it drops to +14 - + 15 degrees. Therefore, both tourists and locals bathe in the Mediterranean Sea throughout the year. The sun shines here almost 300 days a year, rains are extremely rare, mainly in the spring season.

Real estate in Benidorm is represented by various price coefficients, depending on the area of ​​​​location and the type of housing. Previously, beach areas, the first lines, were mainly built up. Real estate in these areas is very expensive, however, the types and quality of construction, interior decoration are worth it, as this property will always be attractive and during the season such apartments or houses can be rented daily or weekly for a lot of money.

However, in recent years, the government and real estate developers have begun to actively build up the central zones and suburbs, where real estate is a bit cheaper, although buildings located on the territories of golf courses, for example, are always expensive. Golf courses are considered privileged areas, represented by private urbanizations with swimming pools, garages, gyms and many other types of services.

But, despite all the pros and cons of buying a home in Benidorm, the demand for buying a home is growing every year, which means that there are still more positive aspects.

Therefore, if you want to live in a developed, modern European city, more like a miniature copy of Las Vegas or New York - Benidorm is the city that suits you perfectly. Private elite schools, modern coffee shops, private business schools, language courses of accredited institutions, prestigious Universities - all these incredible opportunities, especially for the young and rising generation, you can find opportunities for development and movement right here.

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    Selling price

    € 109 000

    € 1 7582
    The cost of the object excluding taxes
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