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How is the process of buying property in Spain

Over past 10 years , the demand for real estate has been steadily growing up in the warmest  places of the Mediterranean.  Let this not surprise you , because everyone wants to find their special  place where they will be happy , right?  Especially near the sea ,the place where it is always warm and it gives you bight emotions ! Where would you like to stay.

Just ask yourself a simple question, — «Where would I like to find my «оasis» , buy a house and stay to live ? Definitely in Spain. The answer to why the property has become so famous in Spain- it is very simple. In the last few years, the development sector of new buildings in Spain grows very fast. A huge number of new modern complexes are being built with developed areas near the sea, including any type of constructions: studios, apartments, bungalows and townhouses or villas. Our company cooperates with all the beautiful and most popular coasts : Costa del Sol, Costa del Garraf, Costa Blanca, Costa Brava, Costa Dorada, Costa de la Luz, Costa Calida, Costa de Almeria, Costa Azaar which have the real benefits  . Adjusting to your budget we offering the best price and location options where everyone can choose their “Dream House”! More importantly, your purchase of real estate in Spain can be very easy if you correctly use the benefits that we can offer you: flexible payment schedules, discounts, social programs. The competent professionals of Anveran Real Estate will help you make a good choice in terms of price and quality, accompanying the entire transaction from start to finish, without charging any commission from the client.

To help you become a happy owner of your own home in Spain, we have developed a very simple but effective structure to process the purchase of a property. All based on our experience in the property sales sector in Spain for many years. Of course, the cases are different, if necessary, we develop a new personal program, first of all always listening to the client’s preferences.

The Anveran Real Estate team offers you 5 stages:

— Contact our company, selection of options

– Coordination of your arrival with visualization of real estate options

— Reservation of the selected option, preparation of documents

– Signature

— After-sales service

Step 1. “Contact our company, selection of options”

First of all, you need to contact our company. For this you can use the open line on the official website of Anveran Real Estate or you can call the main office directly, where the manager will accept your application and assign you the personal real estate agent. You can choose any available and convenient way for you. We value our clients’ time and therefore initially we try to identify as accurately as possible what the client is looking for and what their criteria are. After processing the information, the agent in next 24 hours will start sending presentations that include: description of the area, photos of the object or project, a detailed description of the property with all the parameters and its location in relation to the infrastructure. Anveran Real Estate focuses on modern technologies developing daily in this area in order to have every opportunity to show the property to the client as it really is. Based on the realities of the modern world, we are constantly learning to work in a new way and keep up with the times.

Step 2. “Coordination of your arrival with the visualization of real estate options”

At this stage, the company offers to receive clients at the airport, also we can organize accommodation in a hotel or in a property that is under the administration of the company. At the time of showing the properties, we quickly adapt to the situation. If the object does not suit you, the manager always has several alternative options in stock.

Step 3. “Reservation of the selected option, preparation of documents”

At this point, we go directly to the step-by-step process of processing a property sale transaction.

First, our employees reserve the property and the document preparation process begins. Everything is completely under the responsibility and control of the company. You will have to open an account in a Spanish bank. Documents needed to open a bank account:

– An agreement of intent to purchase real estate, which gives written confirmation of the transaction between the seller and the buyer. This document specifies: the amount of the guarantee, the price of the acquired property and the maximum period for preparing the necessary “package” of documents.

— Certificate (statement) of your money income for the previous and current year

— Certificate of origin of income (preferably on official paper from the organization of which you are employed), in which you must indicate: position, period of work and amount of wages (bank statements).

We help to obtain a mortgage in Spain, if necessary, telling about all the details of this process, as well as competently filling out a “package” of documents for submission.

The list of documents is translated by a certified Anveran Real Estate attorney and sends a “package” of documents to the bank for consideration.

Meanwhile, the employees of the company proceed to issue a NIE (foreign identification number), the process takes up to 14 business days.

List of documents:

– Passport or residence

– Statement

— Preliminary contract for the sale of real estate.

— 3×4 photo.

– Receipt of payment of state tax.

It is mandatory for the company’s employees to check the object of sale before transferring it to the owner, so that everything is in order and the customer is satisfied and will not have a big problem, instead of “Dream House”.

If the property you have chosen is under construction, we offer our help to select the building materials  always according to the wishes of the future owners.

After drafting all the documents, the moment of signing approaches

Step 4. “Signature”

It seems that the longest and most difficult stage has come to an end and the finish line is almost visible: the registration of real estate property. And now you are almost the owner of your own corner on the Mediterranean coast.

The most pleasant moment is the signing of the deed of sale at the notary. You can also carry out this procedure through our company, by writing a power of attorney to one of our agents. The buyer gives the check to the seller for the amount specified in the contract, and the seller gives the precious keys to the owner of the Mediterranean fairy tale. Employees of our company submit a purchase and sale agreement to the Registry Chamber, which will return it to you within 2-3 months.

Step 5. “After sales service”

And here is the icing on the cake!

We will be with you not only at the stage of registration of the transaction, but also after its completion. It is not the first year that Anveran Real Estate has successfully carried out purchase and sale transactions. We value the fact that our customers are first and foremost our friends. We are proud to have friends all over the world. You can rest easy. Your dream is our action. In addition to being a real estate agency, we are also a management company: we take responsibility for solving utility and other problems in the absence of a client or help as soon as they contact us. In addition, we can take care of the management if you want to rent the property. This includes: client search, cleaning, property responsibility, etc.

By choosing Anveran Real Estate, you are choosing a reliable partner for many years!

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